Map to the Stars

Developing children's confidence and creativity through the power of dance.

About the project

Map to the Stars is a digital toolkit for educators that engages children in creative learning through the language of dance. It enables primary school teachers to integrate body movement into their class activities through tutorials, multimedia content, and challenges fusing dance, curricular subjects, and multicultural collaboration. With Map to the Stars, educators encourage kids to build their confidence and creative skills.

Traditional education tends to prioritize subjects like math, science, or language, and favor learning styles that only involve sight and hearing while neglecting the arts and other forms of creativity that engage all senses and types of intelligence. By giving children the opportunity to rediscover the power of movement, Map to the Stars bridges this gap and makes dance an integral part of everyone’s lives.

Map to the Stars is an international collaboration between dancers, choreographers, educators, and technologists from Ballet National de Marseille, ICK Amsterdam, Mercat de Les Flors de Barcelona, and Explora il Museo dei Bambini di Roma, supported by the European Commission's Creative Europe program.

Launched in 2019, the pilot program of Map to the Stars ran in 11 primary schools across France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands with 20 educators, 350 students, and 18,000 followers on social media. Since then, the program's popularity has rapidly grown, with over a thousand active students in Barcelona alone.

Original title
Map to the Stars
Original title
Map to the Stars
Ballet National de Marseille
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