The Grand Museum of The Mayan World

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The Grand Museum of the Mayan World is a celebration and an encounter with the roots of the Yucatecan identity. Located in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico, it is a story about changes and transformations, mobility and migration, and the arrival of people who have mixed and adapted — a tale of young sap that has nourished the ceiba, the sacred tree of this land.

For this project, Manuvo created the digital museography for ten interactive modules for 42-inch touchscreens and ten electronic labels for tablets. These digital installations cover topics from the millennial Mayan culture, including time cycles, the Mayab territory, literature, glyphs, abacus, among others. Available in Spanish, Maya, and English, this project welcomes locals and international visitors alike.

In 2013, The Grand Museum of the Mayan World received the Emblematic Oeuvre Award by the Iberoamerican Council for Interior Design.

Original title
Gran Museo del Mundo Maya
Original title
Gran Museo del Mundo Maya
Interactive display
Estudio Museográfico
Heading 5

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Emblematic Oeuvre (CIDI 2013)

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